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Michele Gentille

Client History

The Pioneer Woman Prepared and food styled completed dishes and ingredient set-ups in prep kitchen and on set while shooting cooking and lifestyle show. Handled shopping and resourcing product. Met with producer and director daily to go over scenes. Worked with Rhee Drummond on location at the Drummond Ranch in Oklahoma.

Chopped and Chopped Junior Provided expertise on highly-rated culinary contests for the Food Network. Consulted with producers in control room and did floor reporting during culinary battle between contestants. Handled foodstyling and ingredient preparation, set dressing, sourcing and shopping, equipment management. Assisted Culinary Producer with ideas for unusual products and basket composition. Supervised production assistants with multiple grills and equipment while on location in California. Worked in Food Network kitchens and off-site as needed.

Best Chef Standing Worked on pilot for new Food Network show. Prepped "shopping" pantry and assisted beauties photoshoot.

New American Bistro Cooking by Laurent Tourondel with Michele Scicolone Worked directly with Chef Tourondel out of his personal kitchen to test and edit recipes from his restaurants and personal archives, tailoring them for home cooks.

La France Gastronomique by Anne Willan Worked directly with the author at Ecole de Cuisine La Varenne's editorial program on her food and travel book about French regional cooking. My role was to develop, test, and edit the recipes, and guide exploratory trips with the photographer.

Really Cool Foods, Inc. Developed culinary marketing tools such as recipe cards for a food retail start-up on Manhattan's upper east side. The concept was to offer foods already prepped to simplify home cooking.

Wall Street Journal

Contributed recipes and edited chef's recipes for food section. Wrote celebrity chef biography sidebars on a weekly basis.

Wall Street Journal feature & photographs “Cooking at the End of the World”

Wall Street Journal column of chef interview sidebars: 18 chefs interviewed including Suzanne Goin, Terrance Brennan, Chris Cosentino

Nation’s Restaurant News feature “Innovation Reigns in Spain”

New York Times Style Magazine “Now Mowing: No Impact Sheep”; “Food for Arts Sake”

Bust Magazine feature article & photographs “Ice, Ice, Baby”

Food and prop styling

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